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Klawiatura Ekranowa Download Windows 7 =====
If you can control the screen keyboard in Windows 7 system.
How to activate Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
From the same user who downloaded the Ubuntu distribution, Ubuptoru Servers Ultimate Limited Installation Tool.
This application is located on the seventh panel, including its lower part.
So, let's go to the console section called Ubonga Application Console.
We find the item Ubunda Upgrade there.
Go to it and click the OK button.
This will be our first step towards activating Ubuna Server.
Transition to the desktop application, as well as their settings
The next step in order to move to the desktop is to switch to the user terminal. To do this, click the button with the Google sign - Four horizontal stripes, located opposite the icon shown above.
Go to your desktop. I have this window appeared in the upper left corner.
Go to desktops. Wherever they are.
You need to enter the "Classic Mode" and select "Accounts".
There will be two shortcuts on the desktop: UbUptoru and UbThemes.
Click on the first one.
Now we are waiting. We should have several background windows. They will be the same size as the desktop background.
Create and activate them.
After that, all that remains is to do everything that was described above: give a task to the server and restart it.
The system will become available on both computers.
Activate UBUNTAU Server from command line
And finally, the last but not least way to activate UBU. The first is through the console, the second is through the command line.
In the first case, you need to launch the browser that you have installed and run the Ubuwindows 12.20.exe /rsdelete.bin command.
Specify the name of the computer on which you want to activate the service on the command line. For example, Administrator_RESOURCE.
This server name will match the computer name on the second computer.
It remains only to wait. You should have the following ready.
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